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not original at all

OK its obvious you have at least some skill in flash, so why not do something other than a damn stick flash? A little extra work and you could have a much better animation. Seriously, the portal gets clogged with like 50 fucking stick animations a day. Please try harder next time. I gave it a 1.

Xotic responds:

fuck u! i like stick figures!

Insanely good

I would have to say that that is definately now one of my top five favorite flashes. It is very well animated and the MIDI music fits perfectly. kinda like an old school RPG. anyway, good on you for making this, and i hope to see the next one soon. VERY soon!

music was horrible

My god that singing was like rubbing a cheese grater over my eyes. The lyrics were also cliche' and childish. The animation aspect was pretty good but i cant get over that screeching "music".

Gobolatula responds:

HAHAHAHAHA PWNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111

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really good

This was a good game overall. The hit detection was a little off, but thats only a small thing.

BTW, daniel_Mcguire, you must reallllllllly suck if you cant beat level three. All you need to do is upgrade your engine and weapons. Dont insult someones work because of your own lack of skill and intelligence.

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Loved it

I've been reading Bleedmans work for a while and this game is right on the mark. It is the perfect embodiment of PPGD. I bow down to you.

That was a good challenge

That was a good game and i like the extra hats you can get. But, i have one question, how do i get the last 5 hats? i got 155 three times already and they still remained locked. I was just wondering how to access them.

in general, raw sewage doesn't taste very good.

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